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Hydrogen Rich Cup

Hydrogen Rich Cup
SKU: HRC-168

Hydrogen Rich Water Maker Alkaline Fucntional Water Bottle Glass Hydrogen Water Generator Water Ionizer 400ml

  • High quality stainless steel, durable borosilicate glass body;
  • Easy-to-use one-button design with non-slip bottle;
  • Hydrogen concentration up to 1000ppb;
  • USB charging, automatic shut-off;


  • Direct DrinkWater Quality Requirements:High Quality Drinking Water
  • Installation:Vertical
  • Color:Clear
  • Water treatment machine Type:Water Pitcher
  • Power (W):5Material:Stainless Steel
  • Purifying Position:Terminal Purification
  • Certification:FDA
  • Use:Hydrogen Generating
  • Body Material:Glass
  • Charging Port:USBCharging
  • Time:2.5hours
  • Working Time:3mins
  • Capacity:380mlORP:-300~-500mvPH:7.3~8.5
  • Blue light:Sterilization
  • Hydrogen Concentration:500~1000ppb