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Glass Top Double Burner

Glass Top Double Burner

Gas stoves have been the first choice of professional chefs for a long time. They offer consistently good results and savings on bills.

The Cook Master Glass Top Gas Stove with Cast Iron Burners  combines versatility and cook quality in one portable appliance. It is built from excellent quality materials to meet high safety standards. This gas stove packs countless possibilities of delectable meals you can serve. It houses two heavy-duty, brass-capped cast iron burners in elegant heat-resistant tempered glass top. The electronic ignition switch allows easy start, so it heats up quickly and ensures stable heat retention. For everyday needs of boiling, steaming, frying, and warming, this Cook Master gas stove does the job perfectly. 

 Warning: Never use the pot bigger than the burnning area.

Benefits of a Gas Stove

Accurate cooking temperatures
Gas stoves tend to provide heat more closely suited to recommended heating requirements. Because a gas flame immediately grows larger or smaller with the turn of a dial, the heat transmitted to the cookware also changes immediately.

Evenly distributed heat
The flame of a gas cooktop is centralized; it allows even distribution of heat to the cookware, which reduces scorching.

Lower heat emissions
Gas burners emit less wasted heat which helps maintain a cool environment in your home.

Faster cooking time
Gas heat is immediately available, so it takes less time to cook food on a gas cooktop, and adjust temperature moment to moment. Food can be cooked faster by adjusting the temperature from high to low with less scorching.