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Easy Gas Three Burner

Easy Gas Three Burner


  • max Heat input - 20,000 btu
  • Enamel surface
  • The opened lid serves as a windshield
  • Left burner - 8000 btu
  • Middle burner - 4000 btu
  • Right burner - 8000 btu
  • Product Size (L x W x H):21 x 12 x 3.2 inch
  • Weight: 3.200kg
  • Outlet gas connector: Hose tail to fit 8-10mm hose


  • Portable Gas Stove 3 burner with Lid for Outdoor use only
  • Enamelled surface with removable pan grid for easy cleaning.
  • Manual Ignition; Protection covers for stable standing
  • The opened lid serves as a windshield
  • Suitable for LPG, Butane, Propane Gas with Gas Bottle

1. Be careful to avoid getting burned by touching the top panel of the gas table as it gets very hot near the burner when in use.
2. Do not apply excessive pressure to the gas control knobs.
3. To avoid damage , do not place charcoal on the burners.
4. Protect the electronic ignition system from water.
5. Do not allow the holes in the burners to become clogged.
6. Keep the gas table clean for better service and a longer operation life.
7.At night and when leaving the house ,be sure to turn off not only the control knobs of the gas table ,but also the main gas valve of gas bottle as well.
8. The electronic igniter will not work if it get wet. Be careful not to spill water.
9. For better complete combustion, keep the burners clean.
10. Check the rubber gas house which connect the gas cooker to the gas bottle regularly for wear or leak, it must be replaced occasionally. Keep it away from heat source and keep it clean.
11.Make sure that there are no inflammable objects near the gas table.