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AT4872SS Dump Trailer Kits

AT4872SS Dump Trailer Kits

1400 lbs. Payload Capacity Solid-Side Trailer Kit with Rear Gate

The Altocraft Solid-Side Dump Trailers are the perfect solution for landscapers, general contractors and handy homeowners. It bolts directly to most full-size pickup trucks, bringing a solid corrugated bed, welded reinforced side panels and a dump feature that allows you to haul soil, sand, bark, gravel and any other loose material or debris without a single problem.

• Dump capable
• Load bearing gate
• Complies with all DOT requirements
• Clip and go lighting
• Safety chain not included
• Important: a trailer kit is not a motor vehicle and is not subject to state motor vehicle registration laws until it is assembled with intent to haul it on a public road
• Assembly required
• Inside bed dimension: 71.7 in. x 47.4 in. x 9 in.
• Length of the tongue extended is 42.5 in.
• Height of the tail gate is 35.4 in. and the width is 47 in., height of the side panel is 9 in.
• Hitch ball size is 2 in.
• Tire size: 4.80-12, 4 Ply
• Wheel rim diameter/width: 12 in. x 4 in.
• Floor height is 18 in., hitch height is 14 in.